Rotary Club of Toowoomba South Inc.

Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular

Our longest running project

From 1976 to 2005 the major fundraiser for the club was the Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular. One of the largest of its kind in Australia, this annual event ran for three days and attracted exhibitors from across Queensland and interstate. Over the 30 year period of it's operation this was a very successful event, supporting many local charity and community groups.

The Beginning

(Original script by former Hobby N Craft Chairman Norm Jenner)

The Rotary Club of Toowoomba South first became involved with The Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland in 1976. That was the year the Club decided to conduct a Hobby & Craft Show to raise funds for a project for one of the Missions on Goodenough Island. This first Hobby & Craft Show was held on May 6th 7th & 8th 1977 in the Cec Shannon Catering Hall at the old Toowoomba Showgrounds. The Cobb & Co Museum is now located on this site.

The H & C Shows continued as a yearly event, but by 1981 it was obvious that we needed a larger venue and a more convenient time. Under the leadership of then International Service Director Alvin Huth the 1982 event was relocated in the much larger Main Pavilion at the Showgrounds and the time moved to February.

Photo Left: The Mayor, Alderman Jack Duggan, boarding a vintage Dodge Roadster before heading to the old Showgrounds to officially open the 1982 Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular.

Hocker pavilions at the 1993 H&C

On the Move

When The RASQ moved to the new Showgrounds the Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular (as it was now known) moved also, to the renamed Founders Pavilion. The popularity of the H&C was such that exhibitors came from all over eastern Australia, from Victoria to Cairns. The Founders pavilion soon filled to overflowing and it was necessary to hire a Hocker pavilion to cater for the demand for stalls. The first pavilion was a self erect type located on the southern side of the main pavilion. (Subsequent Hockers were larger and had to be located to the east of the main pavilion by the suppliers). With the size and cost of the additional pavilions escalating each year, (the last quote was $24,000. for the 1994 Spectacular weekend) the decision was made to approach the Show Society seeking permission to build a new pavilion. This was agreed to and a site was chosen just below The Founders Pavilion.

Before Computers

Prior to computerisation, all the Hobby-n-Craft entries were processed manually. This was a huge task with up to 150 Exhibitors all requesting different size stalls in preferred areas of the buildings – often the exact spot where they were last year or nowhere near where they were last year. Friends would want to be next to one another and non-friends well apart. (Jewelry stalls had to be well separated). Last minute changes (and there were always dozens of them) made getting the stall numbers in the correct order on the site map in time for the Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular Liftout in The Chronicle the previous week, a major challenge. PP Karl Hertle was in charge of Exhibitors for the final manual year and he needed all his recording skills to produce the final map for that year’s huge entry list.

The New Pavilion

Mr Clive Berghoffer generously donated the use of his machinery to clear and level the site and act as Guarantor for the cost of the building. In appreciation of this gesture the new building was named the Clive Berghoffer Rotary Pavilion. PP Karl Hertle with the assistance of PP Bob Gooderham oversaw the erection of this substantial building which was financed entirely from funds generated from subsequent Hobby-n-Craft Spectaculars. The building was officially handed over to The Show Society in 1995. In recognition of Rotary’s gift, the Society waived hire fees on both the Founders and Rotary pavilions for the ensuing 5 years. We were able to repay the Bank after 3 years from Hobby-n-Craft proceeds.

PP Noel Williamson recalls this historic event:

“After getting the approval from the Club Karl and I met up with Clive Berghofer and asked him to help us finance the Hobby N Craft Spectacular pavilion at the new Location at the new Showgrounds. We needed to build a new pavilion as the Founders pavilion was not big enough for the new upgraded show. Whilst Clive agreed to loan us the money I said we would name the new pavilion THE CLIVE BERGHOFER PAVILLION which he agreed to without any trouble. We repaid the loan of about $200 thousand dollars from Hobby N Craft profits. We lived up to our promise re the payback of the loan as well as using his name on the pavilion whenever it was used. The new pavilion required a cement floor and the clearing of the land as the flooring for the new pavilion was red dirt. After I discussed this matter he readily agreed and did the job himself with Karl and me as his offsiders at no charge. We could not have built the New Pavilion without Clive Berghofer’s help . Our Club will always remember Clive’s help, in establishing this new project”.

Working bee at the new pavilion:

Left - Bob Peirce brooming in the sand

Above - Karl Hertle paving around the drain

Right - Norm Jenner bedding in the pavers


Exhibitors Officer was a major position among many other vital positions on the H&C Committee but it was the Exhibitors Officer who was the first and last contact with the Exhibitors. From when they arrived until when the show opened to the public there would be a constant stream wanting something that wasn’t there or not wanting something or somebody that was there.

They all headed straight to where the Exhibitors Officer was seated at Rotary stand dispensing justice to all and sundry. However once the customers started arriving all was forgotten or at least forgiven.

During the period when he was Exhibitors’ Officer, PP Jon Hamilton compiled a list of all the current and past exhibitors and the years they had exhibited together with their craft or hobby This was very useful information when ascertaining their loyalty or otherwise.

Regular exhibitors received special attention. Every member was on the lookout for suitable new exhibitors especially when visiting other markets such as Eumundi.

Charges for stalls were set according to the exhibit and the space required. Stallholders demonstrating their craft or hobby but not selling had the lowest charge per frontage metre, with the highest charge being to commercial non-demonstrating organisations. These latter organisations were only accepted if they were trading in craft or hobby type items.

Engine Rebuilding Competition

In 1994 we added a new innovation to the event by introducing on stage demonstrations of various hobbies, with an added touch of entertainment.

One such exhibit that proved to be very popular was the Engine Rebuilding Competition where we had teams of mechanics (and a few non mechanics) re-assembling two stripped down car engines on stage. The engines were set up purposely for events like this and some of teams managed to re-assemble the motors and have them running in as little as five minutes.

Committee Member Stan Carter, a Mobil Service Station owner at the time, arranged sponsorship from the Mobil Oil Company who donated prise money for the winning teams, lubricants for the engines and a supply of Mobil 1 Racing tee shirts for some of the competing team members to wear.

Thanks to Bryant Engineering for supplying the engines.


The success of the Hobby-n-Craft depended on having interesting Exhibitors and support from the General Public. This latter requirement depended on publicity. Over much of the life of the Hobby-n-Craft publicity was in the hands of PP Noel Williamson. Noel would arrange interviews on radio stations and TV Studios and have continuous news and pictorial spreads in The Chronicle. Noel had a way of turning anything into a news story. He was in his element when the evening News Services asked about the day’s attendance. Noel always estimated around 20,000 which made the show an outstanding success (which it usually was). Our annual Hobby-n-Craft Chronicle Liftout was a great advertising medium for both the Club and the exhibitors.

Publicity was the lifeblood of the Hobby-n-Craft and no one did that job better than our long term publicity officer Noel Williamson, pictured (below right) with H&C Event Co-ordinator Karl Hertle (centre) planning the advertising program with reps from the Toowoomba Chronicle.

Cover image for the Chronicle advertising liftout

The Weather

The weather always played a big part in the success. Fine mild weather was ideal but seldom occurred, The February 92 H&C started off in a dramatic fashion with cyclonic wind and rain on the Thursday night. On inspection early Friday morning we found one corner of the big Hocker had collapsed. A stallholder had already set up in that corner and all her hand knitted women’s’ garments were lying in water and mud. It was still raining and the forecast was for more.

We couldn’t contemplate canceling at that late stage so we forged ahead in hope. PP Noel arrived with mops and buckets and took all the soiled garments to a Drycleaner. PP Bob Gooderham straightened the Hocker corner pole with the bucket on his tractor and organised an emergency road in with quarry fines. We advised every media in the area that the H&C was still on for the Friday PM start. The stallholder concerned accepted the situation especially when all he goods were returned as new. Because of the weather, every other event was cancelled that weekend and everybody came out to the Hobby-n-Craft. We had vehicles parked right up Glenvale road. The net result was a record $62,000 profit.

Jobs for Everybody

There were jobs for everybody from the Gatekeepers to the Parking Attendants, through to the BBQ staff, ice-cream and soft drink stalls and the chips van.

Everybody in the Club (50 to 60 active members in those days) was rostered on during Hobby-n-Craft. The jobs were rotated with those rostered off relocating to Rotary Stand ready to help with any problems with Exhibitors or Customers.


One of the highlights of the Hobby-n-Craft was the catering; this was in the hands of the Rotaryannes. They worked in the special catering area throughout the 3 days and their food was always in high demand.

Although the profits went into general revenue the Board acted on the Rotaryannes’ recommendation for a recipient or recipients for a corresponding amount of money.

As would be appreciated we needed quite a deal of equipment for constructing over 100 stalls and for the kitchen and BBQ areas. At first this was stored wherever we could find space around town, but then PP Jack Kelly came to our rescue with 2 shipping containers which we were able to leave at the Showgrounds. Both were full of equipment.

Ram Dalal working on the Gate

Interact Student with Jane Tait and Jean Dansie selling hamburgers

Henry Rodger serving another happy customer

Phil Philp collecting the entrance fees

Event Date Changed

Eventually with February proving to be regularly a hot and stormy month, in 1999 the timing of The Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular was changed to October

Our idea of providing a venue for Hobbies and Crafts was gradually copied at other centres. At one of the late 1990s H&Cs we had a visit from a gentlemen asking for permission to talk to our stallholders with a view to starting up regular markets under the Wilsonton Shopping Centre. As all the stalls were listed in the Liftout anyway we agreed to the request knowing his idea wouldn’t work with the PC markets going well. His idea did work at Wilsonton and at many other places. People began asking why they should pay to come to our H&C when all the other markets were free.

Beginning of the End

By the early 2000's the effect of these markets was really starting to take its toll with it becoming increasingly difficult to attract both exhibitors and customers willing to pay an entry fee. We tried some innovations to justify our entry charge of $6.00 including a “Rolling Classic Vehicles Nostalgia Show” for the 2004 Hobby-n-Craft. Also, in an attempt to breathe some new life into the event, the decision was taken in 2004 to try a name change and the new name Hobby-n-Craft Family Fare was adopted.This proved ineffective and the name reverted back to Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular for 2005.

The Final Show

in 2005, as a final attempt to breathe some new life into the event, we expanded on the theme of arts and craft demonstrations and introduced another innovation with a painting competition.

This proved very popular, especially with the kids who had a ball unleashing their inner talents and splashing paint all over the place.

However, by now the writing (or the painting) was on the wall and with the ever declining numbers there was insufficient profit margin to justify the outlay and the effort and at the end of the show in 2005 the decision was made to end the annual Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular.

An era for our club had come to an end!

H&C - Early History

During 1973-76, International Service Directorship Jim Smallbone, received a letter from Father Tony O'Brien of the Catholic Mission of Goodenough Island stating that he was okay but went on to say that his mate Reverend Edward Toungonei of the United Church had to walk up to 80 miles over rather difficult terrain to visit members of his Church.

Father O'Brien commented that he found his motor bike moat useful for getting around, and suggested as a Club project we might consider providing a similar means of transport to help Reverend Toungonei do his here for more...

The Club accepted the project and set about to raise funds for the motor bike. In conjunction with the Toowoomba Chronicle, a fund raising project was set in motion with a barometer, showing the scale of money raised, appearing regularly in the Chronicle.

Sufficient money was raised and reverend Toungonei got his motor bike plus approximately 12 month’s supply of fuel.

Following the successful motor bike project the Club became more interested in the people of Goodenough Island and approached the Local Government Council to see whether there was any worthwhile project in which the Club could assist the Islanders. The Council considered the matter and advised that the most beneficial project we could undertake would be to supply a saw-mill for the Island.

The Club was informed that there were good stands of timber available and the Island could become self-sufficient in timber instead of having to obtain all of this material from off the Island. Once timber was available, more permanent buildings such as housing, medical aid post, community centres, bridges, wharf etc. could be erected on the island. This could also develop into basic furniture, boat building and other trades. .

From inquiries made, the most suitable basic type of saw-mill would cost in the vicinity of A$25,000 to set up. It was proposed that the main fund raising project would be a Toowoomba Hobby & Craft Exhibition.

George Shaw and his group pursued the idea with vigour and on the 6th, 7th and 8th May 1977 the first Hobby & Craft Exhibition, which was to become an annual event, became a reality. The venue selected was the Cec Shannon Catering Hall at the old Toowoomba Showgrounds. Unfortunately, around this time Jim Smallbone was transferred to Ipswich and George Shaw carried on the relentless research into the possibility of setting up the saw-mill. Approximately twelve months later George Shaw was also transferred, and the task next fell on Ted Collins’ broad shoulders.

The need, the will and the effort was there from Toowoomba South and the Catholic Mission acting on behalf of the people of the Island, but due to bureaucracy and red tape by both the Papua New Guinea and Australian Governments, it was decided to cancel the project.

In April 1979 a letter was received from Father O’Brien outlining a Community Training Centre for Christian Leaders as an alternative project. While preparing feasibility study for the Club Father O'Brien was transferred and was replaced by Father John Fallon who took over the job.

After a great deal of correspondence and many phone calls the proposed Training/Accommodation Centre was recommended to the Club by the International Service Committee, the cost being A$4,608.00. This money was presented to Bishop More upon his visit to the Club during his Australian visit.

As previously stated, the Exhibition became an annual event, but without very much variety. The Catering Hall had some constraints, in that the size would only allow space for approximately 25 exhibits. As most of those exhibitors chose to participate each year, the Exhibition reached the stage of simply being a repeat of the previous year with scant possibility of change. In addition to this problem, the timing of May/June meant it was often held in miserable weather.

Alvin Huth, the 1981-92 International Service Director, decided that it was time to either "get big or get out". After some opposition, he convinced the CIub that the possibility was there to "get big" and formed his committee. He also decided to change the date to a time when the weather would be less unpredictable and more favourable, and also when there would be less possibility of conflicting with other functions in and around Toowoomba. A weekend towards the end of February seemed the most likely to suit these requirements.

The main pavilion of the old Showgrounds was selected as the venue: a frightening prospect when comparing its size with the Catering Hall (more than 5 times larger). The date was to be 19-21 February 1982. It was also decided to adopt a new name, the "Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular", because if Alvin’s. vision proved to be correct, it would certainly be spectacular.

An article subsequently published in RDU (and reproduced in this manual) could only begin to describe the success of that first Spectacular.

The infant Exhibition had finally matured into an exciting successful adult.

It has taken a great deal of thought, discussion and hard work by dedicated Committees over many years to refine organisational, booking and operational procedures to bring the Spectacular to the smooth operation which we now enjoy.

The policies which were formulated in those early years of the Spectacular have become the accepted principles in the subsequent organisation of all Spectaculars.

Our aims are fourfold:

  1. We aim to provide a venue where hobbyists, collectors. Clubs, artists, craftsmen etc. can demonstrate and/or exhibit to the public and fellow enthusiasts at a cost which will encourage their participation.
  2. We aim to provide a show where the public can see as great a variety of hobbies, crafts etc. as possible at a cost which will encourage families as well as other enthusiasts to attend.
  3. We aim to raise as great an amount of finance as possible to enable the Rotary Club to assist local, national and international worthy organisations and individuals in line with the Principles of R.I.
  4. We aim to operate a function which shall enable our Rotarians, Rotaryannes, Rotaractors, Interactors and other willing helpers to participate in at least one combined fellowship event each year.

In addition, the success of any Spectacular will not be measured by the amount of finance which is raised. If we successfully provide the venue for participants, can encourage excellent public patronage, and raise only a small amount of finance, the show will have been successful.

We aim to encourage family patronage. Alcohol is never to be sold at any Spectacular thus ensuring that Mum will not be left with the kids while Dad spends his visit at the bar.

No participant including the Rotary Club will be allowed to operate a raffle at the Spectacular. Patrons will be not be subjected to any possible harassment by ticket sellers. If they so wish, the only cost to them will be their entry fee.

Only as a last resort shall we pay for anything necessary for the operation of the show. We will firstly try to borrow, beg, scrounge the equipment etc. from ANYONE.

FREE is not a word which is in the Spectacular vocabulary. For example, if there is a particular exhibit we would like to have and, for some reason payment cannot be made, we will arrange a "sponsor" for that particular exhibit.

This is only a brief history of the Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular, and there are many stories associated with its operations over the years, many amusing, some sad, but all adding their own bit of flavour to its history.

Unfortunately it is impossible to relay them to you here, but most of the people associated with its operations can recall same experiences if you ask around.

Bulldog tenacity

Picture left:

President Michael Browning with Noel Williamson who arranged all the entertainment and advertising, and the show's "Godfather" Alvin Huth, at work on the layout for the exhibits at the Hobby-n-Craft Spectacular, staged by the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South in 1982.

(This report below is as it appeared in the May edition of the Rotary Down Under Magazine in 1982)

Bulldog tenacity spelt success for spectacular

(Article by Frank Welsh - Rotary Club of Toowoomba South - 1982)

If you want to do something, bite off more than you can chew then chew like hell. That was the advice Alvin Huth, international Service Director of the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South took when he organised this year's lobby-n-Craft Spectacular in the city.

In fact, he chewed off enough to make it the largest show of its type in Queensland.

Under his direction there were more than 150 exhibits in the Toowoomba Showgrounds from February 19-21. The rise in both numbers and the mount of organisation needed is shown in the fact that in previous years there had been around 25 stands

Other statistics took a jump too. Attendance was estimated at about 13.000 and the profit from the Spectacular was more than $15,000. It all began three years ago as Alvin's brainchild when it was known as the Hobby and Craft Show. This year he decided it was lime to either get big or get out. When he announced his plan to the club there was some resistance to it, based on the size of the club membership of here for more...

However, Alvin and his committee won the day and planning went ahead. They produced lists of hobby and craft groups and clubs from all over the Darling Downs and members were given the task of rounding up entries.

Corner stoned by Alvin, Basil Vander-plas, Ellis Blanch and Graham Newnham, the organisation was put together and the myriad of detail involved in the massive show was sorted out.

With the full co-operation of the Toowoomba Chronicle and Radio Station 4GR the area was literally saturated with publicity. The Chronicle also designed, printed and donated the 16-page program.

Many organisations presented prizes and donated material with Sharp giving the major prize of a three-in-one radio-TV cassette. Various entertainments were arranged ranging from a Lego competition for children to a full-scale talent show.

With the show opening on the Friday night the early part of the day was spent getting exhibitors into place, a venture which was not without some problems.

Because of work commitments, many members could not help during the afternoon and there was a near-critical shortage of help. As Alvin Huth said, "It was often a case of looking into the mirror and telling that fellow to do the job."

Somehow it was done and at 6.30 p.m. the Mayor of Toowoomba Alderman Jack Duggan arrived at the head of a vintage car parade to perform the official opening.

Because nobody knew how many would attend, all members were asked to be at the pavilion to provide audience for the opening. There was no need to worry: from the time the gates were opened the ticket-sellers were swamped by spectators with money in hand and that was how it continued over the whole weekend.

In fact, on the Sunday the doors were scheduled to open at 10 a.m., but from 8.45 a.m. onwards people were lining up and going in, despite being told there was still an hour to go and not all exhibits were manned.

The Hobby-n-Craft spectacular exceeded all expectations and nowhere was this shown more than in the catering which was handled by the Rotaract Club of Toowoomba South in conjunction with wives of Rotarians. Again, they coped, but it was an amazing scene to see the huge pavilion continually filled with people - and a large proportion lined up at the food bar. It not only amazed, it also delighted those who had to count the takings.

Speaking after the event, President Michael Browning of the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South, paid tribute to the faith Alvin had shown in the project and pointed to the results as completely fulfilling that confidence.

It is likely that other parts of Queensland will see similar spectaculars because a segment of the 1982 District 963 Conference was given over to Alvin Huth who was commissioned to tell of that receipe: Bite off more than you can chew then chew like hell; the results will delight you.


2004 Invitation Letter

Hobby-n-Craft Family Fair & Rolling Classic Vehicles Nostalgia Show - Toowoomba Showgrounds October 16th &17th 2004

June 2004

Dear Exhibitor,

This is your official invitation to exhibit at our annual Toowoomba Hobby-n-Craft Family Fair which is now in its 28th year. This year the Hobby-n-Craft Family Fair will be held in the huge Founders pavilion at the Toowoomba Showgrounds. The Berghofer pavilion will house the Rolling Classics Nostalgia Vehicles Show being held in conjunction with the Family Fair. The layout of stalls in the Founders pavilion has been revamped to provide additional stalls. Please note that the attached application form is not here for more...

Dates & Times

The 2004 Hobby-n-Craft Family Fair will be held over 2 days on Saturday & Sunday October 16th & 17th. The Show times will be 9:00AM to 6:00PM Saturday and 9:00AM to 4:00PM Sunday.

Stall Charges

Stall charges are similar to previous years. All sites are priced as per frontage metre at the rates set out below.

Corner sites inside the pavilion attract a 50% surcharge.

Non-selling Hobbies, Displays & Exhibitions (all areas): $10.00 per metre.

Non-commercial pavilion selling stalls providing demonstrations: $20.00 per metre.

Non-commercial pavilion selling stalls not providing demonstrations: $30.00 per metre

All other pavilion selling stalls: $45.00 per metre.

Outside stalls between the pavilions (demonstrating): $20.00 per metre.

Outside stalls between the pavilions (non-demonstrating): $30.00 per metre.

We try always to provide the stall size and area asked for, although this is sometimes difficult for applications arriving after the requested return date (this year 30th July). With our limited number of corner stalls, early applications for these are also vital.

All Stallholders must have current Public Liability Policy. The completed attached Public Liability forms together with payment of the appropriate site fee must accompany the completed application form. Those Stallholders without a current Public liability Policy should apply to be part of the Rotary Club’s bulk Policy for a cost of $50.00.

Stall Classification

The Committee places a strong emphasis on demonstrations. Non-commercial Exhibitors and all outside Stallholders who provide demonstrations of the craft they are selling qualify for the lower fee of $20.00 per metre. Exhibitors who consider that they qualify for a lower fee than they have been charged, may take the matter up with the Committee at the Fair. The Committee reserves the right to increase the fee for non-demonstrating non-commercial stalls if the lower fee has been paid.

Outside Stalls

We are able to place a limited number of outside stalls between the 2 pavilions. Exhibitors wishing to locate in this area should state "outside stall" on their application form and will need to supply their own shelter. The frontage requested should be sufficient to include the shelter and any support ropes and pegs. The outside stalls have a minimum depth of 6 metres. The inside stalls have a depth of 3 to 4 metres.

Some Important Notes

Our Security Firm will be operating on Friday and Saturday nights. All woodturning/woodworking demonstrations must be conducted behind an appropriate protective screen. Non-protected demonstrations will not be permitted. The only items of food that may be sold by Exhibitors are homemade lines of confectionery, biscuits, jams, pickles, sauces, preserves, etc. Absolutely no raffles may be sold at the Family Fair. Both pavilions are smoke free zones. The Rotary Canteen will be operating in the north-west corner of the Founders pavilion in the same area as last year. Entry fees for the public this year will be adults $5.00 and students a gold coin.

Return of Applications Due By July 30

Applications for stall space are invariably far heavier than we are able to supply, so it is important that Exhibitors return their applications promptly. The early return of the application forms will ensure that we are able to place your stall in your preferred area. Gate & Vehicle Passes 2-day tear off gate passes will be issued for stalls being manned by the same personnel each day. Stallholders with rostered personnel should apply for the appropriate number of "1-day" passes. Parking in the Exhibitor's parking areas will be available only to vehicles displaying our special vehicle passes. The number of passes required should be requested on the application form.

Stall Erection

Stalls may be erected from 7:00AM to 7:00PM on the Friday and from 6:00AM to 8:OOAM on the Saturday. We require the stalls to be completed and all vehicles and trailers cleared from the pavilions by 8:OOAM on Saturday in readiness for the arrival of the customers at 9:00AM. All stalls must continue operating until closing time at 4:00PM on Sunday unless special arrangements have been made with the committee. Earlier dismantling will endanger future invitations. All stalls must be freestanding and firmly placed within their allotted area. No nails, screws, or any other penetrating objects may be used to secure fittings to the wall or floor. Stallholders must take care not to obscure or obstruct access to Fire Fighting equipment.

Stall Equipment

For the benefit of Exhibitors who are unable to supply their own tables, chairs or backdrop frames (uncovered), these items will be available for hire. To assist our bulk hiring arrangements, please order your requirements on the application form. Power is supplied at no charge.


This year we will be undertaking extensive media advertising and associated with this will be editorial opportunities. So if you have an interesting story about your particular craft, please include it together with a bright and clear photograph of yourself (smiling) with your exhibit, with your application. We will be looking to include as many Hobby-n-Craft stories as possible in our prior publicity. A map of the Hobby-n-Craft site showing Stallholders’ locations will be handed out at the entrance gates. This map will only include bookings that have arrived in time for inclusion.


Exhibitors wishing to advertise their stall in the Toowoomba Chronicle should indicate this on their application form and we will arrange for the Chronicle to contact you direct.

Need More Information?

We can be contacted on our special Hobby-n-Craft line on 07 4639 8908, fax 07 4632 5888 or e-mail

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Bob Peirce.

Bookings Officer, Hobby-n-Craft Family Fair Committee

2005 Invitation Letter

Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular 2005 - Celebrating 30 Years

Dear Exhibitor,

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South we would like to invite you to be a part of our annual Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular for 2005. This year the Show will be held in the Founder’s Pavilion at the Toowoomba Show Grounds. As a response to the many suggestions made by the stallholders last year, we have revamped the show to be more carnival-like, to have high quality entertainment, to run over a 3 day period and to provide greater interest for the public of Toowoomba and the surrounding region. The committee has decided to include several innovations to the program. Small raffles (to the value of $40) every hour that will focus on an individual stall, a fence painting competition for the kids, special dance and musical groups to entertain throughout the day, the raffle of a Mazda from Wippel’s Motors and a variety of rides for the children.

This will be a SPECTACULAR that should not be missed! here for more...

Dates and Times to setup and operate

The Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular will be held over 3 days the 14th, 15th and 16th of October 2005. The show times will be 4:00PM to 8:00PM on Friday 14th, 9:00AM to 6:00pm on Saturday 15th, and 9:00AM to 4:00PM on Sunday 16th. Stallholders will need to be set up by the start of the show 4:00PM on Friday 14th. Single day exhibitors will be able to arrange setup before the start of each day. Cars and trailers must be removed from the pavilion by 3:00PM on Friday or 8:00AM on Saturday and Sunday. Stalls must continue operating until closing time at 4:00PM on Sunday unless special arrangements have been made with the committee. Stalls must be freestanding and firmly placed within the allocated area. (Please, no nails or screws may be used to secure fittings to the floor or walls of the pavilion.)

Stall Charges and Public Liability

Stall Charges have been simplified this year. Rates for the weekend are listed below.

Category 1………..Hobbyist - Display only $10 per metre frontage

Category 2………..Hobbyist - Display and Sales $30 per metre frontage

Category 3 ……….Commercial Sites $45 per metre frontage

Category 4………..Commercial Sites outside the pavilion $25 per metre frontage

Corner sites inside the Pavilion attract a 50% surcharge.

Sites in the pavilion have a depth of 3 to 4 metres.

We will always try to provide the stall size and area asked for, although this is sometimes difficult for applications that arrive after July 29th 2005. Corner stalls are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

All stallholders must have current Public Liability Policy. The attached Public Liability Forms must be completed and returned with the Site Application Form and the appropriate site fee. Those stallholders who do not have a current Public Liability Policy should apply to be part of the Rotary Club’s bulk Policy for a cost of $50.

There may be an opportunity for exhibitors to be able to display for one day only rather than for the whole weekend. Depending on how popular one day exhibits will be, a small section of the pavilion will be reserved for these groups. Please discuss your proposal with the Booking Officer to see if we may be able to accommodate you...

Stalls outside the Pavilion

We are able to accommodate a number of stalls outside the main pavilion on the pathway from the main pavilion to the Berghofer Pavilion. Exhibitors will need to supply their own shelter. The frontage meterage requested should be sufficient to include shelter and any support ropes and pegs.

Gates and Vehicle Passes

3 day tear off gate passes will be issued for stalls being manned by the same personnel each day. Stallholders with rostered personnel should apply for the appropriate number of 1 day passes. Parking in the Exhibitors parking areas will be available only to vehicles that display the special vehicle pass provided. The number of passes required should be requested on the application form.

Stall Equipment

For the benefit of Exhibitors who are unable to supply their own tables, chairs or backdrop frames (uncovered), these items will be available for hire at reasonable rates. To assist our bulk hiring arrangements, please order your requirements on the application form. Free power is available.

Publicity and Promotion

Exhibitors who wish to advertise in the Toowoomba Chronicle should indicate this on the application form and we will arrange the Chronicle to contact you. We plan to have a Liftout in the Chronicle as well as a map that will show the stallholders locations. A site map will be available at the entrance gates and will include only those bookings that arrive by the due date.

Return of Applications……….Due July 29th 2005

Applications for stall space are usually far heavier than we are able to supply, so it will be important for Exhibitors to return their applications promptly. The early return of the application form will help the committee to place your stall in your preferred position.

Need More Information?

If you have any concerns or require further information please contact me on our special Hobby-N-Craft HOTLINE on (Number Deleted), or e-mail me at (Address Deleted)

We look forward to hearing from you

Bob Peirce - Booking Officer, Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular

2005 Press Release

Rotary Wrestles with Hobby-N-Craft - Story and Photos by Stan Carter

Toowoomba South Rotary Club members Peter Wenham and Don Burstow wrestle with arrangements for this year’s Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular, urged on by Club President Gary Orth.

Arm wrestling with Toowoomba South Rotary Club member and local undertaker Don Burstow might look a bit daunting but according to the fellow club member Peter Wenham, it’s a pushover compared to organising the club’s annual Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular.

Every year in October the Rotary club mobilizes it’s own 40 plus members, their wives, three high school Interact Clubs, a Lions’ Club and a Scout Troop to direct, cook, serve, park and facilitate activities at the biggest annual hobby and craft event on the Darling here for more...

“It’s a huge job” said co-ordinator Peter, “ But this is our 30th anniversary show and we aim to make it the biggest and best yet”

To do this club is seeking to implement a number of new ideas and to build on some old ones.

“To stay in front of the competition we have to keep coming up with fresh ideas, but our priority at this early stage is to find as many new exhibitors as we can. Anybody out there who is involved in any sort of hobby or craft and wants to get their product or service in front of the public, then these are the people we want to talk to”

The club is also looking to introduce “Around the clock” entertainment to this year’s show.

“Yes, we’re setting up a stage inside the main pavilion right next to the kitchen area so that after looking at all the exhibits, people can sit down to a cup of coffee or lunch and be entertainment at the same time.”

“We’re looking for up and coming local musicians, singers, dancers, magicians, mime artists and buskers as well. If this sounds like you, then please, give us a call.”

The Hobby-N-Craft Spectacular will be held on 14/15/16 October 2005 and further information can be obtained by contacting the Rotary Club of Toowoomba South on - (contact details deleted!)

Wrestling with Hobby-n-Craft are Peter Wenham and Don Burstow with Pres Gary Orth looking on.

Publicity art work for the 2005 Hobby-n-Craft

2005 H&C Committee, Pres Gary Orth, Jim Blaikie, Peter Wenham, Don Burstow and Evan Fairley (not in the photo - Bob Peirce & Stan Carter)

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