Rotary Club of Toowoomba South Inc.

For this is Rotary

A poem penned by former club member Ross Vernon

(with apologies to Frank Sinatra)

and presented to the club at our annual Christmas Party in 1997, on the eve of him leaving Toowoomba for greener pastures.

And now, the end is near, and so I face, my final meeting

my friends, I'll say it clear, I'll miss you all, your friendly greetings

we've laughed, we've fellowshipped, and through the years, we've raised some money

and more, much more than this, for this is Rotary

There's Jim, who runs the bar, along with Phil, they serve the odd beer

and Bob, who keeps the books and good old Len, always in good cheer

we meet each Tuesday night, to share a meal, and hear the odd tale

we've got a special thing and it's called Rotary

There's Rog, who tells those jokes, and Michael B, our legal court man

and Noel, who sells the club, at conferences, he's quite a spokesman

and Bob and Ian and Ed and old Aub, who takes our money

we've got a special thing and it's call Rotary

There's Bobby Pierce, who falls asleep, with plastic hip, he keeps our mail right

and Gordon B, who starts at 5, amongst the rocks, he hates a late night

and John Macleod, who's served the board, for many years, he led the drought fight

we've got a special thing and it's called Rotary

There's Stan, who snaps the shots, and good old Karl, our famous baritone

and little Derm, who does his best, to sell us all, his latest telephone

and John, what can I say, you've fined me heaps, the jokes where all on me

we've got a special thing and it's called Rotary

For there is Jon, who leads us all, and hobby and craft, we have a ball

and there is Bob, whose always there, with tools in hand, he's still got hair

It may be tough, we love the stuff, this is Rotary

It may be tough, we love the stuff, this is Rotary.

Ross Vernon as the Cleaning Lady with Dr Jim Blaikie at the Club's 35th Birthday Party in 1994

Pres Jon Hamilton fare-welling Ross Vernon in 1997

Ross Vernon as his alter ego, Dame Margaret Ruthven, in 1994

Members referred to in the poem

Jim Blaikie, Phil Philp, Bob East, Len Board, Roger Britton, Mike Browning, Noel Williamson, Bob Kretchmann, Ian Yoxall, Ed Kretschman, Aub Baker, Bob Peirce, Gordon Blackett, John MacLeod, Stan Carter, Karl Hertle, Derm Guerin, John Houston, Jon Hamilton, Bob Gooderham.

Ross Vernon, a former teacher at Toowoomba Grammar School, was a very colourful and likeable member of our club, and as can be seen from the photos above, was a willing and regular participant in providing interesting and entertaining skits for our social evenings during his time in our club. Thank you Ross.